Membership: Resident Enlistment, Street Captains, Business Partnerships

  • Develop and implement strategies to enlist more people in community
  • Help enlist street captains
  • Create and promote business partnerships
  • Calendar, staff and publize at least three events to increase membership in 2014.

Community Safety: Neighborhood Watch, SHADCO, Code Enforcement, Street Captains

  • Keep community aware of neighborhood watch situations and provide on-going education to association members as “how to” be good watch neighbors.
  • UPCA’s representative at SHADCO
  • Receive and work through code enforcement issues within the community. This includes working with residents and regulatory-enforcement groups
  • Help enlist street captains

Beautification: Landscape Projects, Entrances & Lighting, Yard of the Month

  • Calendar, promote and staff at least three community wide workdays to maintain common areas within community
  • Provide maintenance to common areas as needed
  • Evaluate entrances to community, and existing brick street entrances, making recommendations as to refurbishment and upgrading structures.
  • Select a yard of the month.

UPCA Organization: Corporate Status, Budgeting, By laws

  • Research and make recommendations as to best corporate structure for UPCA, (501C3, etc) at March meeting
  • Develop and present budget for 2014
  • Work on revising the existing UPCA by-laws, providing recommended changes

History of: University Park: Community, UPCA

  • Create a written history of the geographic area known as University Park
  • Create a written history of the formation of UPCA

Communication, Community and Calendar: Newsletter, Website, Signs, Calendar

  • Create and distribute an e-newsletter every month
  • Promote the association through a systematic display of the association banner
  • Be UPCA’s CPAC representative
  • Maintain the association calendar

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We are currently accepting volunteers and enlisting people to serve in many capacities for our different support teams. To serve on one of these teams fill out the following contact form <HERE>


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