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A Neighborhood Watch Program is foundational to Community Safety.  We continue to look for residents who are willing to help us build a strong Neighborhood Watch that will allow us to enjoy the University Park Community.  By having residents throughout our neighborhood become “nosey neighbors” we will live in a safer community.

How do you become “nosey”?  Be alert to activity in your neighborhood.  Be observant of vehicles that are moving or stopped on your street.  Know when your neighbors are out of town or at work. Attend UPCA meetings to hear from community and city officials about what is happening in our neighborhoods.

Report any and all suspicious happenings to JSO. You can view crime statistics in our neighborhoods <HERE>.

To learn more about the Neighborhood Watch Program click <HERE>

Volunteer to be a part of Neighborhood Watch at <Volunteer>.

Be a good neighbor.

Approved Mortgage Foreclosure Regulation
Here is the bill our city council approved related to foreclosures.  Click on <Current Text> to read the bill.

Signs and Litter
Everyone needs to continue being deliberate and vigilant in picking up litter along University Blvd., and the removal of the many illegal signs that are added on a regular basis. If you have any questions regarding the legality of a sign, please click <City Municipal Code> for clarification.


From Mary Moriarty-Cook,

Friday morning (July 6), traffic was interrupted on University Blvd. N, near the JU football field (between Merrill Road and Ft. Caroline Road). There were many police cars and even a sheriff’s helicopter sitting in an empty field on Justina Road, behind University Blvd. The focus of attention seemed to be a triangular wooded area, where Justina Road comes out to University Blvd. At one point, all traffic, north- and south-bound, was detoured to side roads, funneling cars around the whole area down to Merrill Road.

Returning north about an hour later, the only indication of any police activity was two patrol cars parked inside this wooded area. Not too much later, they were gone. There was no mention of this activity on the nightly news, nor in the paper Saturday morning.

This wooded area WAS the scene of the rape of a young girl a couple of years ago.  Justina Road is used as an example of a dangerous neighborhood.

Many of us who live in “Old Arlington”, say, west of I-295, have been struggling, through District 1 Town Hall meetings and Neighbourhood Association meetings, to curb some of the changes touted by City Hall and the Arlington CRA. One we could not stop was student apartments at the corner of University and Ft. Caroline Rd. Another, currently being loudly challenged, is the proposed Zoning Overlay, which would alter the zoning for liquor licences. No one has mentioned the many 24/7 gaming rooms that have sprung up in every empty store-front.

We think we are justified to be worried about an increase in crime in or near our residential neighborhoods. Police activity such as what we witnessed on Friday, with no outreach to the community, does not help. We want to know what is going on in our area, and what is being done to assure our standard of living.

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