January 2016 Minutes

University Park Civic Association Minutes: January 19, 2016.

Presiding President Joseph George called the meeting to order 6:40 p.m. followed by the Pledge to the Flag. President George welcomed everyone attending our Annual dinner also thanked Rick Lucas for the dinner blessing.

President George introduced the officers and thanked them for their services. He introduced and welcomed Paul Davis as a member of CPAC.

President George discussed the sales of the monogrammed University Park Shirt.

Following the dinner President George introduced our guest speaker District 1 Councilwoman, Joyce Morgan. She was most gracious to attend our annual dinner, she spoke to our association of things that are prevalent to our community, followed by a question and answer period.

She spoke about the Lonnie Warren boat ramp repairs, also funds that have been appropriated toward the new design of a new swimming pool at Blue Cyprus. Construction phase to begin 2017 and the upgrades on Blue Cyprus club house.

Plans for the after school program to begin in the spring of 2016 at Blue Cyprus.

Other subjects included 15 single homes to be built at Millcreek.

Resolutions were introduced at the city council meeting concerning Sex trafficking in Jacksonville.

Councilwoman Morgan Discussed the Renew Arlington plans.

Also discussed the Pension Plans and the construction at Regency square.

The sale of La Palma Racquet club 199,000. She discussed many good things we can look forward happening in Arlington.

Nominations and elections of officers for year 2016, President George stated that anyone running for office must be a member in good standing in order to vote and or hold an elected position.

Nominations were as follows,

Joseph George President– closed,

Shirley George, vice President –closed,

Cherry Williams, secretary, closed.

Earl Kelly, Treasurer closed,

Jim Shields, Sargent at Arms, closed.

Board members for 2016 are President, Joseph George, Vice President, Shirley George, Secretary, Cherry Williams, Treasurer, Earl Kelly, Sargent at Arms, Jim Shields.

President George thank the outgoing Vice President, Harry Lang for a job well done. Harry honored us with a departing speech to let us know he will be around for a long time. President George also thanked Shirley George for standing in to take minutes in absence of, Laurel Conderman, who was also standing in to take minutes in absence of our elected Secretary Judi Wolfe.

President George also talked about guest speakers and events of 2015:

  • For the first time University Park held a political forum for the community to come out and meet the candidates running for District 1.
  • First time Christmas event (Arlington Aglow) which he chaired for the Arlington area. Six hundred pounds of food was collected for the Arlington area.
  • Shirts and work vests for the association.
  • UPCA members along with the community worked with Boy Scouts troop 182 cleaning back the underbrush to make it safer to walk on the side walk on University Blvd.


  • Some guest speakers in 2015 were: ShAdCo;


  • Jeannie Dixon, Real Estate Agent;


  • Clinton White, Professor at Jacksonville University. Dr. White spoke of the good and bad of dredging the St. Johns River.


  • Treasurer report, Earl Kelly announced we have 31 paid members as of our first membership drive, Earl reported our finances are 6,807.96…7,692.26, no expense outstanding.

Announcements: This year Arlington Aglow event will be at Norman Studios 12/10/2016.

The Next University Park Civic Association meeting will be held February 16, University Park Library, 6:30 p.m.

Darrell Joseph, director of parks and recreations has been invited to speak at our next meeting about improvements to take place at Blue Cyprus. Mr. Joseph will share information concerning improvements at Blue Cyprus club house and the swimming pool.


Drawing for door gifts were held at end of meeting.

We would like to thank everyone that had a part in making this a good year.

A special thanks to everyone that volunteered to help with the last handouts. As you know these were important because we attached an envelopes to make it easy to send in your membership dues.

President George call for discussion, no discussion accepted by those in attendance.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15

Respectfully submitted by Cherry Williams, secretary















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