August 2015 Minutes

President Maceo George called the August 25, 2015 meeting of the University Park Civic Association (UPCA) to order at 6:35 p.m. All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

President George reported in Secretary Judi Wolfe’s absence, Laurel Conderman will be taking tonight’s meeting minutes.

The minutes from the July 28, 2015 UPCA meeting were presented. There was a motion and second to approve the minutes as presented. The motion carried.

President George introduced tonight’s speaker, Byron Comstock from the Blue Cypress Golf Club management company. Mr. Comstock reviewed his family’s history with golf, having been a professional golfer on the PGA tour for over 5 years and made 22 cuts. He and his brothers in the Comstock Golf Management, Inc. opened Blue Cypress Golf Course November 2003 as a 9-hole golf course with a driving range. They want to keep the golf course going but are looking for additional members and golfers. He noted that the golf course is in the best physical condition now since it opened but needs golfers to support it financially. Mr. Comstock explained that November 2013 they expanded the course to include foot golf – a game played similar to golf rules but with a soccer ball and kicking the ball into a larger cup. Blue Cypress has the third foot golf course in Florida. Mr. Comstock noted that a round of foot golf is $9 for adult. He asked for support in getting the word out about Blue Cypress Golf Club. They are trying to get a junior golf league as well as a women’s golf league started. Fees and membership are reasonable and the course is certainly an asset to the neighborhood. Mr. Kelly also noted they have Thursday night dinners with beer, wine and liquor available at a reasonable price. President George noted that UPCA could post information about the golf course on the UPCA website. He also noted he is an Old Arlington Inc. (OAI) Board Member and would ask if Mr. Comstock could be an agenda item for a future the OAI meeting. Shirley George asked if he had spoken at an area CPAC meeting as these meetings have representatives from many Arlington neighborhoods and would investigate if it would be possible for him to give a brief presentation at a future CPAC meeting.

Treasurer Earl Kelly reported UPCA currently has 105 members. The checking account balance is $8479.95 and the CD is currently at approximately $18,000. Ed Wey motioned that we accept the Treasurer’s report as presented, seconded by Shirley George and the motion was carried. Funds are available should a community project be identified. Shirley George is investigating information about the option of solar lights for the gates. President George reported purchasing 2 meeting announcement signs that will adher to the brick entrance gate so drivers could more easily see the meeting announcements coming and going.

Jim Shields was out of town but had asked President George to report that the ordered UPCA shirts would be available next month.

Shirley George reported from the CPAC Meeting that there is a new Zone commander for our area.

Kevin Gray reported for Crime Watch that University Park is still in good shape as far as crime and there appears to be various areas with clusters of crime activity, but not University Park. Members are encouraged to call police if suspicious activity is noted and lock car doors.

Vice President Harry Lang reiterated the need to support Blue Cypress Golf Club as that sets us apart from other neighborhoods. He noted that Mr. Comstock is a great instructor. He noted that the golf course adds 3 to 7% value to our area homes. Vice President Lang asked if we had a welcome-type package to provide to people new to the neighborhood. He was advised that the UPCA website offers information but would support anyone volunteering to develop a welcome-type package.

President George reported that UPCA will have a tent at the OAI event – Arlington Aglow scheduled for 12/12/2015. He wanted to have materials to distribute and promote UPCA at this event. This would be an ideal event to wear the green UPCA shirts.

Maryann Peters noted that repairs had been done at the power boxes by her home and then not closed securely. She was concerned and had called JEA about this issue.

Ed Wey asked if in light of a recent assault in overgrown area on University Blvd, should we investigate cleaning out the buffer area on University Blvd. just outside the front gates? Mr. Kelly said he would followup on this as the buffer area needs to be cleared out but not to the extent that it would appeal to vagrants.

There being no further business, President George adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m.   The next UPCA meeting is now scheduled for September 22nd, 6: 30 pm p.m. at the University Park Library which is a change from an original date of September 29.


Respectfully submitted,

Laurel Conderman

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