May 2015 Minutes

UPCA Meeting Minutes

May 26, 2015


Meeting came to order at 6:36 PM at the University Park Library by Maceo George, President.

Other Officers in attendance:

Harry Lang – Vice President

Judi Wolfe – Secretary and Scribe

Laurel Conderman – CPAC Coordinator

Pledge of Allegiance


  • Next UPCA Meeting will be June 23rd at the University Park Library.
    • Jeannie Denton-Scheck, Real Estate Agent, will be guest speaker. Topic will be Arlington real estate property values.
  • Post Office National Food Drive – May 9 – Collected 270,000 pounds of food nationally.
    • Benefits kids and the elderly in our neighborhood.
  • Hazardous Waste Collections – June 13th – Last year 7,000 cars between 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM.
    • Ed Austin Regional Park, 2450 Monument Rd. Last year was run very efficiently.
  • Garage Sale May 30th.
    • Advertising will be posted on web site, signes will be posted in neighborhood.
  • Did anyone receive e-mail from Jim Walker about meeting tonight?
    • Biggest response was “No”.
  • T-Shirts
    • Discussion about purchasing for volunteers and officers.
    • Maceo distributed pictures of T-Shirts samples.
    • It was suggested that the lettering be larger.
    • Free to volunteers who are very important, and board members.
    • Members can purchase either type of shirt, volunteer t-shirt or board member golf type shirt.
    • Jim Shields stated that he could purchase either type of shirt for ½ less than current bid. They could be 100% cotton or polyester/cotton blend.
      • Jim to get price of 100% cotton and cotton/ polyester blend.
    • Start keeping a list of volunteers and their sizes and preferred color.
    • Harry has the list and will reach out to members.
    • Do we want the neighborhood logo on the shirt? Currently the gate is the logo.
    • Come up with different ideas for next month.
  • City Elections
    • Joyce Morgan won for District 1.
    • During the April meeting, we had the opportunity to hear from Joyce and other candidates.
    • Would like to invite her to one of our meetings.

Treasurer’s Report – No Report

Vice President – Harry Lang

  • Question posed to the attendees, what would you like to hear in the future?
    • Vote by mail?
    • Recycling large items
    • Health screening
      • Blood Pressure
      • Cholesterol
      • Sugar Level
      • Planet Fitness
    • Disaster Recovery
      • Evacuation Routes
    • Renew Arlington
      • Dolphin Project
    • How to add members- increase revenue
      • Add an envelope to go out with flyers.
      • Suggested to have meeting minutes and as well as other information sent to members via e-mail.
        • Currently have 150 e-mail addresses
      • Annual meal for members.
        • When to have the annual meal, in the fall?
      • Block Party
      • Kids Activity
        • Easter Egg Hunt
        • Kids Bike Parade
      • Create a Calendar of Events for the Year for UPCA.
      • It was suggested that UPCA do e-mail blasts to all member e-mails on a regular basis to keep them interested.
        • Maceo to check with Jim Walker.
      • Maceo asked who was getting e-mails from Jim Walker.

Other Topics

  • Want $50 to plant flowers at gates.

CPAC Report – Laurel Conderman – Full report posted on web site

  • Code Enforcement
    • Next month, June, looking for code violations in Arlington area.
  • Cameras at intersections are for traffic control and not for traffic violations.
  • Office of Economic Development – A consultant has been hired to address “Renew Arlington”. They will focus on housing, transportation and housing.
  • JTA, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, Change Kernan to 6 lanes from Atlantic to Matthew Unger, then 4 lanes to McCormack. Also, Girvin to 5 lanes from from Atlantic to Ashley Melisse.

Meeting adjourned at 7:44 PM.

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