April 2015 Minutes

UPCA Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2015


Meeting came to order at 6:30 PM at the University Park Library by Maceo George, President.

Other Officers in attendance:

Harry Lang – Vice President

Earl Kelly – Treasurer

Judi Wolfe – Secretary and Scribe

Guest Speaker – Professor Dr. Quinton White

Pledge of Allegiance


  • Next UPCA Meeting will be May 26th at the University Park Library.
    • Jeannie Dixon, Real Estate Agent. Topic will be Arlington real estate property values.
  • Garage Sale will be May 30. Announcements will be made on the UPCA website and signs will be posted around the neighborhood.
  • Post Office National Food Drive – May 9 – Sponsor for our neighborhood is the Rogero Road Food Bank.
    • You can put items outside next to your mail box on that day and your mail carrier will pick up.
  • Any questions or concerns by members can be posted to the UPCA website or questions can be e-mailed to Maceo George at maceogeorge@att.net.
  • Hazardous Waste Collections – June 13th at Ed Austin Regional Park, 2450 Monument Rd. Details about what types of waste will be collected can be found at the COJ web site; here is the link, http://www.coj.net/departments/public-works/solid-waste/disposal-operations-(1)/remote-collection-events.aspx. If you are unable to access this site, please e-mail me, wolfe@freedommortgage.com, and I will provide a list, or you can phone 904-630-city (2489).
  • Question posed, how to dispose of old medications and syringes other than taking to your pharmacy who charges a fee to do so? Shirley George volunteered to call the city, 904-630-city(2489) to find out.
  • Shredder Day on May 1st at the Winn Dixie, 12777 Atlantic Blvd. near Girvin Rd.

Introduction to guest speaker Dr. Quinton White by Maceo George

  • White arrived in Jacksonville in 1976.
  • He is a member of the Kiwanis Club and they meet at Nero’s Restaurant if anyone is interested in attending.
  • There is more pressure to use the St. John’s River, of which is most prominent, to gradually deepen the river.
  • In order to bring large ships through the Panama Canal to East Coast ports of which Jacksonville wants to be a part of, we must deepen the river.
    • Currently at 12 to 14 feet deep with Army Corps of Engineers plans to deepen to 47 feet deep.
  • Savannah GA won out and was ahead of other port locations by deepening there ports by the required levels over a long list of others, NY/NJ, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Texas, etc.
  • Cost associated with 3 forms of transportation.
    • Ships – cheapest.
    • Railroads – 2nd in cost.
    • Trucks – most expensive.
  • Challenges
    • Army Corps not being honest about effects of environmental damage.
    • Army Corps has not a good job of estimating cost; usually 4 times the cost estimate.
    • Army Corps overestimates the benefit to the environment
    • Current estimate to dredge is 800 Million. Where will Jacksonville get the funds? Funds to come from?
      • 50% state and local
      • 50% federal government
    • Bottom line, Jacksonville needs the dredging to benefit from increased shipping to the east coast.
    • To save Rodman Dam or not?
      • The Rodman Reservoir currently losses 500 million gallons of water due to the reservoir’s mass.
      • Rerouting to the Ocklawaha River to go around the damn and return to its original glory of the 1960’s.
      • White believes that rerouting will restore the Ocklawaha restore the 500 million gallons of water it loses from the Rodman reservoir.

Treasurer’s Report – Earl Kelly

  • 78 paid members.
  • $8,300.00 in the bank
  • Open to members coming up with ways to improve property, we have funds to spend on some small projects.
  • Report moved to approve, seconded and approved by attendees.

Vice President – Harry Lang

  • In order to gauge the best approach to get people to notice and come to meetings, Harry asked members who came tonight because of 1) website, 2) sign posted in the neighborhood, and 3) green leaflet left on your door? The green leaflet won.
  • We need volunteers for neighborhood projects, for example, cleanup projects, distributing leaflets. Shirley volunteered to take names at the door as folks left the meeting.
  • T-shirts to be purchased for volunteers and members of the board. Pricing will be gathered and we will move forward with purchase.
  • Maceo suggested to the members that a smaller banner be purchased, approximately 3X5 and an easel stand to put it on for certain events since the current banner is too large for most events.

CPAC Update

  • “Crime is down” was the message that Shirley George came away with.

Safety Fair

  • Shirley and Maceo George attended the fair and there is a new app you can load onto your phone that you can take pictures of what you deem to be neighborhood blight. You can take pictures of anything you feel is blight. You can send to the Blight Committee and they will investigate. For example:
    • Vacant properties.
    • Truant kids.
    • Pop-up car washes.
  • Trying to get more civic associations in neighborhood is a very good way of keeping crime down and blight out.

Paul Davis Report

  • Operation Dolphin – Merrill Rd cleanup to Jacksonville University entrance.
  • Renew Arlington
    • Consultant has been hired to lead university analysis to determine improvements.
    • Consolidate power lines on Merrill Rd by moving some power lines underground.
    • Improving building façades.
    • Landscaping improvements.
    • Parking improvements.
  • Looking at Renew Arlington financing opportunities. Since improvements will improve property values, may increase property tax base to finance projects.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.




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