In the Park

UPCA Elects New Board and President

You may have met her in the park “walking the dog”, or walking along University Blvd. picking up litter, or maybe at one of Joyce Morgan’s Town Hall Meetings, Kathy Walker, long time Arlington resident  and community activist is your new president.

Kathy loves Arlington and what it can offer its residents. With a heart full of memories of what it has been and a vision of what it could be, Kathy and the new Board of UPCA, your neighbors, Cliff Hardy, Harry Lang and Emily Engstrom,  are excited about what can happen in 2021 in our community.

Be a part of what the new Arlington and University Park are becoming.  Join today!

You can join UPCA for 2021 by mailing your check to:

University Park Civic Association

P. O. Box 11114

Jacksonville, Fl. 32239

We encourage all University Park residents to join and support the University Park Civic Association. We need your voice.  Meetings are open to everyone

2021 Membership Application-$25.00 annually per family.

Our Website:—If we do not have your email address, please email it to: 



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